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Winter Special!

It’s getting colder, it’s getting sadder, it’s getting to the time of year when everyone clings to their own mortality by over-egging how much they like the people in their lives, calling them up for the first time in months, sending them pieces of card filled with bland messages and buying them gifts. With that in mind, we at Lumpen Publishing are getting into the festive spirit by offering discounts on already reasonably priced items and organising a competition to win already reasonably priced items. The competition perfectly combines the asinine with the real spirit of 25th December: the possibility of beating other people at a game that doesn’t matter.

The Competition

Inspired by a friend of ours taking pictures of “Chav Solidarity” in various absurd places around Leeds, we’re asking you to go out into your city and place a copy of any Lumpen Publication (book, chap book, journal) in a strange, daft, exciting, or easily accessible spot from wherever you happen to be reading this. Take a picture, whack it up on social media and tag us in it. We’ll then select half a dozen winners and give them prizes in the form of subscriptions, signed copies of things, mild gratitude and your name written up in lights on the Lumpen Publishing Hall of Fame.

So, the steps:

  1. Get your copy of one of our books, chap books or journals.

  2. Go somewhere.

  3. Put the publication in a spot.

  4. Take a picture.

  5. Upload to social media and tag us at @theclassworkproject #wonderfulwinter

  6. Watch the glory roll in.

The Special Seasonal Offers

The Complete Set

The perfect xmas present, or for any occasion really. The completed works of Lumpen Publishing thus far: 5 issues of the journal, Chav Solidarity, Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors, See What Life is Like and Breeze Block. Usually a combined price of £50 (or solidarity price £95). For December only it’s all for £35 (or solidarity £50).

D. Hunter’s books

All the proceeds from D. Hunter books during Winter go straight into the hands of Prisoners and their Families funds.

Chav Solidarity usually £10 for December only £6.50

Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors usually £12, for December only £8

Get them both £13

Lumpen Issues 1-4

Limited numbers available

Usually £5, for December only £3.50

Get ya presents!

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