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Lumpen is currently not taking new submissions as we are going through a re-modelling process. We will let you know here and on our socials when we are ready to receive your contributions. Thanks for being patient with us! Please email is you have any questions.

We want to clear up any anxieties or assumptions about what contributing to the journal should look like.

We aren’t only interested in professional writers. If you have something to contribute but aren’t sure how to get it onto the page, we are happy to help you work through it.


We can redraft together, we can offer suggestions and help with pulling out the ideas that are most important to you. We can scrap it, and start again. We are happy to encourage you to try. Here are some points to remember: 


  • We only accept writing from those who identify as working class or who have experienced long term involuntary poverty and economic hardship.

  •  We may accept writing of all lengths, but generally, we look for submissions between 2,000 and 4,000 words.

  • We accept all styles of writing – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever you’ve got.

  • If you've never written before or are lacking in confidence, get in touch. We can support you and help with strategies to help get your ideas on paper. For example we have transcribed people’s stories.

  • Don't worry if you're not confident about spelling, grammar, sounding educated enough. The first two the editors can help out with, and the last one can go fuck itself.

  • Concerned about style? Don't be, we're happy to publish openly angry rants written in staccato rhythm or fictional narratives about killer avocados on toast, written with references, and everything else in between. Whatever voice you feel comfortable using.

  • Please submit your work without unnecessary formatting - that means no paragraph indentations or line breaks - if there is something specific you would like included in the formatting of your piece then please specify as a note with your text. 

  • We can only publish one piece of work by an author per issue so please send us your best work - for poetry submissions please send no more than three and we will choose our favourite.

  • We will respond to you as soon as we can to let you know what happens next. Please be aware that we can't publish everything we get - but are always open to working with writers for print in a later issue if it isn't quite there yet.

  • Please title your work. If you can’t think of one we can help with suggestions.

  • Name yourself as you’d like to see it printed, or state if you would like to remain anonymous. 


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