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News from the Class Work Project: Workshopping & We Want Nice Words From You!

What are we workshopping? Class Work has been working with cooperatives, organisers, and land projects to support economic change and undo the damage caused by the privatisation of our lands, homes, minds and hearts. We cannot build strong movements if we do not support one another. We cannot support one another if we cannot see each other's struggles. In the following months, The Class Work Project will explore class with activists from the Stop HS2 campaign and, in a separate project, help grassroots and radical organisers in Belgium develop a locale-appropriate way of building up their class consciousness. Our workshops require a lot of preparation. We must ensure that we can facilitate them with care and consideration of the collective and individual experience of the room, which is often very different from our own. As always, we look forward to getting in a room and working with new people, so see some of you there! Hosting an Exploring Class Workshop: Get in touch if you, your group, or your organisation are having trouble with the following:

  • Lack of transparency around wealth and resources.

  • Breakdown of communication around class and all that it intersects with.

  • Lack of involvement of the economically marginalised.

  • Build up of tensions and conflict around class-based differences.

  • Failures to understand and address power dynamics and the reproduction of dominant voices.

  • Ineffective measures to support individuals at the pointy end of socio-economic hardship.

We want nice words from you! We are always learning from our participants at our Exploring Class workshops which in turn have gone towards informing the work up ahead. Along with our reflections, we are also putting together an impact report from the last few years, and we would love to hear from you! Things we are after:

  • Send us a testimonial of the work we’ve done with you.

  • Tell us what has been most helpful.

  • Tell us how our work made a positive and lasting impact.

  • Tell us what you think we could change. Feedback is very helpful.

Please contact us at info(at) so we can start working together!

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