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The publishing world is for the economically secure. For those who have family and friends in the industry, and for those that have the resources to take time off without earning. The result is that it’s largely middle and owning class, and reflects those experiences, values, and ideas.


A Journal of Poor and Working Class Writers is exactly what it sounds like.


Many of our writers are working full-time jobs. Many of our writers are struggling on minimum wage, on meagre benefits, on food bank tins. Many of our writers are marginalised by education, told they are stupid, that the way they talk or the language they use is incorrect, and that their experiences and ideas about the world are not valuable.


Lumpen takes unsolicited submissions from people who self-identify as poor or working class. We aim to pay our writers as much as we can for their craft.

We publish the journal on a quarterly basis and retail it online and in bookshops across the UK.


Expect to read first-hand accounts of life on the rock face of austerity, alongside critical assessments of the state of the left and activist culture. With poems about football, sex, and loss, stories of education and mis-education, dreams and adventures.

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