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Workshops and Facilitation

The Class Work Project has become well known for its intensive workshop programming—holding 1 and 2 day events called ‘Exploring Class’ across Britain, as well as holding online consultations with a myriad of different political and social movement groups. These programs have been profound in how they’ve supported and held space for economically marginalised people, as well as creating powerful moments of reflection and evaluation that have a lasting impact on how different organisations and communities have operated. Some of the positive outcomes of these workshops and consultations have been: 

  • Wealth redistribution to create equity and parity between members of organisations, communities, and generally to help those in the economic margins here in Britain.

  • There has been considered and sustained support of members of various organisations by other members based on recognition of inequality.

  • Recognition of injustice, from the most nuanced interpersonal power relations to unambiguous material inequalities within groups/orgs/communities.

  • Recognition of stigma and social status as instrumental to social dynamics.

  • Empowerment and support of those who need it.

  • Stronger connections between workshop goers. 

  • Clearer understanding of how class differences can create tensions.

  • A clearer understanding on how to move forward while centring the role of class in creating unequal power relations.

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