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Call out for submissions

Issue 7 is open for submissions!

It’s the spring we’ve all been waiting for, after a dark and very lonely winter for many. We can’t say that the changing of the seasons will correspond to a change in the material conditions of our lives (if only a revolutionary was born with every new leaf), but we hope the transition will give people some new energy for the multiple challenges that lay before us. We’re now on our 7th issue which means we have been publishing Lumpen for almost two years! We’ve received a lot of great writing and published everything from essays by community care workers; poetry by former miners; stories from mothers and lovers navigating patriarchy and care-work; and lots of other sorts of writing from other sorts of people navigating other sorts of rubbish and joy and strife.

We want to continue to hear your stories, whether they are about alien invasions and intergalactic revolutionary battles, or just the everyday battle of making a living.

Whether you’ve spent the last few months writing and wrapped up your first novel, your 5th paper, or your 18th poem, or whether never written at all, we don’t care. All we ask is that you identify as poor and working class and that you don’t shit on anyone with less power than you, because that’s just bollocks.

We are interested in any form your writing takes. Essays and stories can be between 1,000 - 5,000 words and we pay £50 for them.

Poems can be however long poems are and we pay £25 for them.

The Deadline to get your work into this issue is the 22nd February !

Please send submissions to:

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