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Call out for Issue 9

We are once again asking for your epic poems, your sci-fi wonderments, your crime fiction, your essays, and your souls (we don't really want your souls but if you put a bit of it in there, it usually comes out better). We wanna hear about your experiences and are interested in your lives, whether it's your love life, your job-centre dramas, your afternoons in the pub, or your inner world of ghosts and monsters.

While we ask that you identify as poor or working class, this doesn't mean you have to write about those things - we know that your lives are more various than your class position. And while working class may be an identity with trade-in value on the creative jobs market these days, we aren't interested in bartering with identities. Just send us you best, most heartfelt stuff.

If you need help getting things down, we are here for that. And if you don't like writing but have a good story to tell we are also around for transcribing oral accounts. You can submit up to three poems and we ask that longer-form stuff be under 4,000 words. We can help you get the word count down (or up) as necessary. Submit to and please name your document with your full name and title of the piece of work so we don't lose it and forget who you are. Deadline for issue 9 is 6 September 2021.

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