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Contemporary writing about Class in the UK is dominated by those who were educated in a particular way, went to the right schools, made the right connections and could easily be considered middle class. This is a shit show. Even articles and books which defend working class and poor folks tend to be written by those with a bare minimum of experience of the lives of the economically marginalised.

Having had a little success with Chav Solidarity I'm now looking to put together a book of essays, stories, cartoons, poems and dogmatic pissed off rants by those who have lived in poverty, had working class lives and experienced the sharper end of the neo-liberal stick. Whether it's rant or thoughtful academic style essay there will be a space for it. Poor and working class voices come in many styles forms and all are legitimate. You don't have to be posh to have read Negri, Fanon, Deluze and Federici, but you do have to have wondered where the next meal is coming from to be able to say “fuck this shit” properly.

If you've got something you've written, or are up for writing something get in touch at

Maximum length 5,000 words although that's negotiable, minimum length 20 words which is also negotiable.

Deadline- June 1st 2019

The essay can be on anything, but of particular interest.

1) Experiences in radical social movements when coming from poor and working class backgrounds.

2) What is the state of the world, what's your analysis of it? Are there any problems with how the left in all it's forms have acted over the last 50 years? What strategies can be affective?

3) Anything you like about your experiences, politics and class.

Most submissions will be accepted, unless they start shitting on more marginalised people. If loads of pieces get submitted then we'll put out a couple of books, if hardly anything gets submitted then we'll put out a pamphlet.

It was going to be a book where the money went to a few worthwhile organisations that are active in defence of working class and poor folks. This might still be the case, but that'll be at each contributors discretion. Poor and working class voices should get paid as well, even though they're constantly reminded that their voices and experiences don't matter. Each submission accepted will get a % of the books profits (based on how many different contributors are), and can choose to accept that or not. Also, once accepted we'll chat with the writers and see if they need any of that % up front. I wish we could get people a set fee up front as well, but Chav Solidarity hasn't sold that many copies and that's how this book is being funded. If any folks reading this have the funds to throw in so we can pay writers what they should be getting paid then let us know, and we'll give you a badge that says “working class ally”.

Any questions, queries, cusses please direct them to Share this call out as far and wide as you can.

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