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"Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors" the book is about the ways in which economically and socially marginalised people practice abolition on a daily basis. It's about the fight for dignity in the face of unrelenting contempt. It uses some of the authors own experience living in poverty throughout his first 25 years, as he goes in and out of prison, the care system and homelessness, and how he can his fellow travellers navigate trauma and each other.. It's about the violence of white supremacist patriarchal capitalism, and the ways in which this violence hurts our bodies and minds. It's about love, care and solidarity being the everyday revolutionary practice from below.

Praise for the book.

"Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors is what radical politics might look like if those involved spent more time with the people hit hardest by the issues they stand for - or if more of us learned to truly step aside and make space for those voices to make themselves heard." Open Democracy Full Review here

"D. Hunter’s Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors is a rare and precious work as an important account of the lumpen/proletariat in Britain." Ebb Magazine Full Review:

"Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors is a welcome breath of fresh air. It includes life stories, research, political and social theory and some blunt analysis. This is no manifesto, but it is a clear call to arms."

Plan C Full Review

"Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors is a brilliant, and important intervention into the conversation for the revolutionary milieu in the UK, but these questions can only be answered in continual experimentation and practice as well as ongoing dialogue between all of us who fight for a better world. This book, I imagine, will be another “must-read” from Hunter and I would say that such a label is deserved. The question then, is what we do with it after we’ve all read it." Lets Get Rooted Full Review here


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