Lumpen in the time of Corona

This issue contains things like callouts for solidarity, corona related chat, mental health and suicide, boris, and the kurdish womens Movement. and some bloody great art.

check out the cover illustrations by Rowan Wigley. Find her on instagram at @rowan_wigley_film and @curlykingcharles


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Lumpen: A journal for poor and working class writersg is exactly what it sounds like. First hand accounts of lives on the rock face of austerity, critical assessments of the state of the left, the UK, and the international. Touching on the intersections of race, gender, mental and physical health. Discussions of violence, sex, identity, family, exclusion, education and loss. And that's just issue one, it'll be out ion October 18th with the following issue coming to life in the new year

Issue 003 - Lumpen