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we are looking for a copy editor

Updated: May 10

We are looking for a copy editor to go over each issue of our journal Lumpen. This will mean around two days of work, every four months. We need someone with a really sharp eye for grammar, spelling, and consistency, who can pick up on the things we miss. That means making sure that names are spelt correctly, that dates are presented the same way throughout the text, and that full stops are where they should be. Apply if you have unlocked the enduring mystery of apostrophes and are into reading a lot of great writing. You should also identify as poor or working class.

If you think you might just be our copy-editing hero, please apply by emailing us at with a short explanation (one page or less!) of why you would like to work with us and what experience you have. You can send a CV if you like, but it isn't necessary. This is a paid, freelance role at £150/day.

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