The Class Work project is a workers’ co-operative organising around class.]


We produce a quarterly journal called Lumpen which publishes work from poor and working-class writers.


We run workshops exploring different experiences of class and the ways in which it is reproduced in our communities and organisations.


We are also interested in encouraging the redistribution of wealth. During the first COVID shut down we facilitated moving money from people with surplus cash to those who were in financial need. 


These are our aims:


  • Examine the ways in which our lives are shaped by our class position

  • Create spaces for poor and working-class people to share their experiences and knowledge

  • Encourage middle class and owning class people to recognise and take responsibility for the benefits their class position has afforded them

  • Help people to better understand and support each other in order to mobilise effectively across classes in the fight for radical social change


 The Class Work Project