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If you've come here looking for Chav Solidarity, click on it's tab, or if you want to buy it go the shop. The sites under re-construction at the moment, so it's not as smooth and pretty as usual. When you go to the shop, there's a chance it won't show our stuff, but if you refresh the page they will appear. 

Class Work is at the minute the book Chav Solidarity and Lumpen: A journal of poor and working class writing. It's gonna be other things including a podcast, and a vehicle for publishing the writing of people who come from poor and working class background.

We'll have more to say, and ways to explain ourselves in the coming weeks. But for now, you can support our project by going to ​

Also, follow us on facebook @lumpenjournal. We're way better at updating that. 

contact us at d.hunter@theclassworkproject.com or hannah@theclassworkproject.com or dorothy@theclassworkproject.com

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