Welcome to Class Work

The Class Work Project is an education and publishing workers co-op, based in Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

We are currently developing our long and short term goals and our strategy to achieve them. However, over the last 18 months we have been working with the following aims and principles:

  1.  Examine the ways in which our lives are shaped by our class position

  2.  Creater spaces for poor & working class folks to center and articulate their own experiences and knowledge, share with others

  3.  Encourage middle class and owning class folks gain recognition and take responsibility for the psychological and material benefits of their class position and take steps towards change

  4.  Make space to talk and plan for taking action, such as collectivising and redistributing financial resources

  5.  Support the mobilisation of cross-class people working towards radical social change

  6.  End goal: powerful social movements fighting for economic and political liberation for all

At present this work takes the form of a quaterly journal "Lumpen: A Journal of Poor and Working Class Writing" which we've been producing for a year now, and is exactly what it sounds like.

We have also ran 1 and 2 day workshops up and down the country. These workshops explore the lived experiences of different class positions and examine the ways in which our communities, collectives and organisations reproduce class.



During the Covid-19 crisis we've been using our blog to put out the expereiences of poor and working class folks up and down the country.

Finally, we run a financial redistribution project, and over the last 6 months have sent out one off and monthly payments to over 200 people up and down the country, with all the money being donated to us from individuals and collectives.

You should follow us on facebook and twitter @lumpenjournal. We're way better at updating those. 

contact us at info@theclassworkproject.com and we'll get back to you well quickly.

If you want to throw us few quid to keep the project going click on the donate button down below. 


The Class Work Project

Dorothy S, Hannah P, Shan S and D. Hunter

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